Friday, 28 October 2011

My Birthday :D

So last week was my birthday and I got some lovely things! First is my first ever sewing basket by Cath Kidson and its gorgeous! It was from my boyfriends mom and she even put some fabrics inside :) It came with scissors, thread,needles, a tapemeasure, thimbles etc, I was very happy :)
My lovely Sewing Basket!
My Boyfriend John also decided to get me some sewing related stuff and I ended up with an amazingly cute book called "Sewn Toy tales" - a Melly and me book, which is full of the cutest animals ever! I can't wait to make the mouse!!  He also gave me a tin for my threads which is so pretty :D
Its like a book :)
So many projects! 

Then at the weekend, I went to pick my mom up from a sewing course and Jackie from White Cottage had some gorgeous fabric that I just had to buy :D So pretty :D
Yay :D 
 John's Nan even gave me some pink and white spotty fabric from her sewing basket :) I was very spoilt :)

Sunday, 16 October 2011

A Hexagon Craze :)

So when we were on holiday, my mom took along a jelly roll of fabrics and went into this craze of making little hexagons! I asked her what she was up to and now I'm hooked! She gave me my first jelly roll and a load of hexagons and I set to work over the summer holidays :) 

Now 70 hexagons and a whole lot of work later, I finally had enough to piece them all together :) I was thinking of laying them out in rows of 7 hexagons by ten and sewing white hexagons in-between each one :)  Think I'm going to have the colours fading through from reds to pinks etc all the way to green Still a way to go but it's getting there :) And I'm darn proud I've stuck at it!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

So I'm new to this Sewing Malarky!

Millie :) 
OO! My very first post! Well, I'm all new to this so I thought I'd share a creation that I'm pretty proud of and that's my elephant Millie! I got the pattern from Heather and bailey and was so excited to make her! She didn't take me too long when I had help from my amazing mother! She is a fantastic sewer and surprisingly patient when it comes to helping me- even if I'm learning incredibly slow :) 

Loved the fabric that I found and it worked well, not too much trouble until the end where I had to stitch her all together and that got a bit fiddly considering her size! But luckily for me my mom was an extra pair of hands :) 

I use her as a pincushion now although it took me a long time to actually poke the pins in her! She's just too pretty :)