Tuesday, 11 October 2011

So I'm new to this Sewing Malarky!

Millie :) 
OO! My very first post! Well, I'm all new to this so I thought I'd share a creation that I'm pretty proud of and that's my elephant Millie! I got the pattern from Heather and bailey and was so excited to make her! She didn't take me too long when I had help from my amazing mother! She is a fantastic sewer and surprisingly patient when it comes to helping me- even if I'm learning incredibly slow :) 

Loved the fabric that I found and it worked well, not too much trouble until the end where I had to stitch her all together and that got a bit fiddly considering her size! But luckily for me my mom was an extra pair of hands :) 

I use her as a pincushion now although it took me a long time to actually poke the pins in her! She's just too pretty :) 

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  1. Milly is gorgeous! Those little elephants are really fiddly to make. You must have a lot of your mums genes. I still haven't been able to stick pins in my little elephant... or her pal the tortoise! Sad eh!!